Texas has a renowned winter Pompano fishery and this new DVD 'Backcasting and Fishing for Pompano' shows you the best ways in targeting this highly demanded species. Join Nick Meyer as he educates you on improving your casting and fishing techniques while targeting Pompano along the Texas Coast.

DVD Video - $21.95

The new 'Stop-Point' teaching method takes the beginner through a very easy learning curve that is checked by the beginner through the use of Stop Points.

The three casts covered in this DVD are The Overhead Cast,The Off the Ground, and the Pendulum Cast. Clearer and easier to understand than ever before this DVD will have you casting extreme distance quickly and safely.

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INCLUDED FREE: The Breakaway Casting Aid
DVD Video - $24.95

"1 Percent of all the Fishermen catch 90% of the Fish"

In this video, Fishing for Redfish and Reading the Surf, we explain how to read the water which is the secret to catching fish. Knowing were the fish are is clearly explained. Bait presentation, equipment and casting techniques will provide valuable information for the seasoned fishermen and the beginner. A classic Nick Meyer - Breakaway Tackle video.

DVD Video - $19.95